Updates on CHIA & HIMSS Chengdu Dialogue 2014 China

Time to provide an update on the CHIA & HIMSS Chengdu Dialogue 2014 China that took place on the 11 Apr 2014 (in Chengdu of course).

Firstly, Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China) is an interesting place with rich historical and cultural heritage and as a destination, Chengdu differs from the normal cities (Beijing and Shanghai) I visit when I head for  China and this definitely served as a great welcome.

Organised by the Chinese Health Information Association (CHIA) and HIMSS Asia Pacific, the event explores the theme of “Breaking health information barriers, supporting clinical decision making” and I was the invited Opening Keynote Speaker and delivered the topic Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) and Compliance Testing, partially in mandarin.

While my spoken level of mandarin is consider proficient (I obtained Level 4 of Business Chinese Test, conducted by the Hanban Confucius Institute, China), it is an entirely different story when it comes to delivering an hour long  complex topic involving technical (health informatics) fluency, hence the reason why I only attempted to deliver it partially in mandarin.

In my presentation, I covered what CDSS really is, its Intended Purposes, the Five Rights Framework, what Intervention comprises of as well as the concept of Interoperability, Standards (related to CDSS) & Data Governance and lastly, Segments within the eco-system where one should pay attention to while testing for compliance.

The lecture was very well received and there were many questions asked, during both Q&A as well as tea-breaks. To top it off, I was invited by CHIA to speak again at their next conference in July so I guess they really liked my topic!

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