Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician)

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Often confused as a synonym for Health IT, Health Informatics is a unique discipline on its own right that utilizes Technology (including IT), Communication, Health(Care) to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Best described as “the science, the how and why, behind Health IT”, Health Informatics is a fast growing but often misunderstood field.

The Mini-HI™ is designed to empower participants by going beyond basic Health IT courses (often innocently mislabelled as Health Informatics courses, leaving participants walking away thinking Health Informatics is the same as Health IT or Traditional IT, resulting in failed implementations) by empowering participants with the knowledge and understanding of the core body of knowledge essential to Health Informatics and HealthTech.

Learning Objectives
▪️ This course will enable participants to:
Communicate and work effectively with Health Informaticians, Health IT and IT Professionals in the adoption and implementation of Health Information systems and Technologies

▪️ Understand the need for Standards, Profiles and Terminologies to enable Health Data Analytics

▪️ Apply Informatics concepts, theories, and practices to real-life situations / projects as to achieve better health delivery and outcomes

Who is this for?
▪️ Professionals who needs to work in tandem with Health Informaticians; (E.g.  IT Professionals, Health IT Professionals, Bio-medical Engineers, Physicians, Nurses, Paramedical and other Health(Care) Professionals)

▪️ Health Informaticians seeking a refresher or update course

▪️ Decision-makers (policy, operational etc.) and Mangers of Health Informaticians

▪️ Investors, Entrepreneurs and Scientists involved in the Health and Digital Health segment