Bridge the eHealth Divide

BinaryHealthCare was established in 2002 as an evolution of Dr. Adam CHEE’s personal web portal (est. 1996) into a social enterprise, serving to “Bridge the eHealth Divide” (in both LAMIC & Developed Countries) by enabling sustainable innovation in patient-centered care through stakeholders empowerment to achieve context-effective adoption of HealthTech as an enabler.

The social enterprise ceased operations as of 1st July 2020 and BinaryHealthCare returns to being Adam’s personal web portal.

BNHC was founded in 2010 as a ‘purpose-driven’ consulting firm enabling commercial growth & outreach by bridging gaps though business coaching, training, soft skills & technical expertise, market strategy & advisory services, specifically addressing the HealthTech domains within (but not limited to) Asia Pacific and Middle East region.

BNHC ceased operations as of 1st July 2020