Social Impact

Adam’s journey of doing good does get slowed down occasionally but it has never truly stopped. The covid-19 pandemic may have taken a toll on various personal initiatives and even cause the cease of BinaryHealthCare (the social enterprise arm of BNHC) but the spirit of leveraging on his knowledge and expertise to Collaborate, Co-create, Innovate for the betterment of People and Planet lives on through the following (current) social initiatives; Do reach out if your interests aligns!

Co-founder, Health Impact CoLab

Staff Adviser, NUS Red Cross Youth

2003 – Early years of my skill-based volunteering journey
2011 – One of the few volunteering photos taken locally. This was at Sun-Love Home, Singapore
2019 – One of the few volunteering photos taken overseas. This was at a school located in the rural mountains at Yunnan, China
2021 – Doing good on an organisational level via the Company of Good Fellowship