Next Speaking Slot : Healthcare Innovation 2014, Singapore and 2nd HL7 Asia Symposium, Singapore

The first speaking slot I have for 2014 is with the 5th Annual Healthcare Innovation Summit Asia, held in Singapore from 11 – 12 March.

The topic of my presentation is Achieving Transformational Care, which I think fits well into the theme of the summit – “Patient Engagement though Innovation, Connectivity and Communication”. The materials to be presented are excerpts of my upcoming book of the same title and it will examine how healthcare facilities can optimize existing resources , redefine workflow and utilize technology (including health informatics standards) to achieve quality, meaningful care as opposed to applying stop gap measure to symptoms.

The next conference I would be involved in is the 2nd HL7 Asia Symposium, (also) held in Singapore from 13 – 14 March although only day two is open to the public.
(Yes, you read it correctly, the conferences are taking place sequentially).

Although I would not be presenting a topic during this symposium (it is a deliberate choice), I am very much involved as I serve as the Organising Chair as well as the Conference Chair during the actual symposium.

I am honestly quite excited about both events, not only because the topics to be presented are interesting but also because of the speakers – many are old friends from different parts of the world and it is always good to be able to catch-up with them in person.

I will post more updates pertaining to both events as the dates draws near.


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