Ramblings: HL7 Singapore – Workshop on national IT / international Data exchange

I thought I will share some updates pertaining to the Workshop on National IT / international Data exchange by HL7 Singapore that took place yesterday (15 April 2013).

The first speaker for the workshop was by Dr. Henrique Martins, Coordinator of the Commission for Health Informatics, Portuguese Government and Coordinator of epSOS project, Portugal (Henrique also holds multiple other portfolio, his full bio is available here).

Henrique shared with us not only the Portugal case study but also the epSOS project, which is a EU wide initiative and I personally think the session was very informative and the experience share was priceless (and transferable).

If you missed out on Henrique’s talk, all I can say is “it is a pity” (Yup, its that good) .

The second speaker is non other than Singapore’s National CMIO – Prof Low Cheng Ooi. Prof Low shared his insights to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) and future directions, which I thought was extremely useful because it gives a sense of awareness on the current state and where it is heading.

In all, it was a great session, a quick survey from the audience indicated it was beneficial and definitely worth their time (a Monday afternoon).

So stay tune for more events by HL7 Singapore!

Dr. Adam CHEE
Chair, HL7 Singapore

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