HIMSS Asia Pacific 2012 – What an event!

So HIMSS Asia Pacific 2012 is over and oh boy, what an event!

While one can say that the event had a full turn-out, the actual fact was it has a full ‘sold-out’ with everything fully subscribed! From the exhibition hall to the conferences (& pre-conferences) to the networking event. Even the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase (which I served as the Showcase Technical Project Manager and I’m so proud to be part of it).

For the conference, I serve as a speaker at the Standards and Interoperability track and the topic I presented was Effective Image Enablement in EHR with Semantic Interoperability.

While the attendance and reaction was quite good, what really made me happy was that the audience was made up of people from all over the region (I counted at least 8 countries from people I know so there could be more!).

The last part about HIMSS Asia Pacific 2012 that was good? – There were 54 candidates for the CPHIMS exam during the event.

Why 54? Well the organiser couldn’t handle any more that 54 so the exam was a sold-out too! (no surprises why I am supportive of the CPHIMS, I’m a member of the CPHIMS TC after all!).

Till the next HIMSS event!

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