Ramblings: Carestream Digital Seminar 2012, Thailand

I was in Bangkok, Thailand last week, as the only invited speaker for a Carestream Digital Seminar titled “An affordable solution with big performance. What a brilliant combination.”

The topic I delivered is titled “Workflow Exploitation Via Architecture Optimization“, which as the title suggests, touches on architecture optimisation as part of clinical and operational workflow optimisation.

More than 300 participants attended the event and I was glad to see them paying close attention (and taking photos of my slides with their iPads) even though it was the last session of the day (I did a semi-workshop style lecture, hence I needed more than the standard 45 minutes presentation).

But what amazes me is the constant innovation that is being churned out by the medical imaging disciple.

While the following paragraph might sound like I’m trying to promote Carestream’s solution, it really is just because they truly have something awesome.

No, its not just their RIS and PACS (plus VNA) but it is their DR retrofit kits (which I think is an awesome concept) but also their latest offerings – the DRX-Revolution.

The medical imaging segment is indeed an innovative bunch.

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