Updates on the AMBIS Biomedical Symposium 2012

I practically spent the entire day at the AMBIS Biomedical Symposium, held at the National University Singapore (NUS) and what a day of fun!

I honestly think that the event went pretty well and the semi-formal setting helped facilitated interactive discussions plus catching up with friends (well, it is a very small network in Singapore).

The topics delivered were pretty good (well, I did deliver a lecture …. lol) but jokes aside, one particular situation I had feared came true –  someone in the audience asked if I only lecture / present on medical imaging informatics.

Being one of my favourite topics (well, I did started my career in ehealth back in 2002 via medical imaging informatics), I do get a lot of request to speak on medical imaging but fact is, I do work and speak on a wide spectrum across eHealth &  technology, throughout the care continuum).

I did a quick check the moment I got back home and it seems that in 2011, I delivered 10 lectures of which, 6 were on medical imaging informatics and this year, I delivered 5 lectures (it’s only May so its technically 1 lecture per month) , of which 2 are on medical imaging informatics.

The good news is, the next lecture / presentation I’m delivering (at Connected Health Asia 2012), would be EMR related so ‘phew’!

Now for those who are interested in the slides – Advances in Medical Imaging Informatics – Dealing with Big Data, simply download them here.

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