Merge Healthcare Acquires AMICAS

Merge Healthcare Acquires AMICAS


Merge Healthcare (Milwaukee) successfully closed a merger agreement with Amicas, Inc. last week. The deal creates a medical imaging software and healthcare IT solutions provider with a combined customer base of approximately 1,500 hospitals and 2,200 outpatient sites in the U.S., a complementary product suite, and distribution agreements in over 35 countries.

For outpatient imaging businesses, the newly combined company offers solutions for revenue cycle management, radiology information systems, referring physician connectivity solutions, radiology PACS and CAD solutions. For hospitals, Merge will offer interoperability and healthcare IT solutions, as well as comprehensive departmental solutions for cardiology, radiology, and perioperative departments. Additionally, Merge will deliver the entire solution set internationally, through established global channels. In 2009, Merge signed distribution contracts in 24 countries.

Merge Healthcare specializes in the automation of healthcare data and diagnostics to improve electronic records of the patient experience and enhance product development for health IT, device, and pharmaceutical companies.

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