Hamilton opens innovation centre for healthcare IT

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) of Canada has launched a state-of-the-art, IT innovation centre with over 80 ICT team members are working together to run simulations and troubleshoot new systems in a secure test lab located on site before they are widely implemented across HHS’s five hospitals and cancer centre.

The $1.5 million innovation centre was launched earlier this month after six years of planning.Staff at the centre will focus on help desk, infrastructure, customer service, project management, production support and web development.

One of the solutions currently being developed for prime time is Microsoft’s unified communications running on Hewlett-Packard hardware. The solution will allow staff to work wirelessly and still remain connected to telephone, voice mail and e-mail anywhere, anytime, enabling healthcare providers to stay in touch with colleagues and gain quick access to information they need, at the patient’s bedside, or anywhere in the hospital or outside its walls– a technological first in Canada within a healthcare organization.

In addition to HP Canada and Microsoft Canada, other technology leaders including CCSI Compucom, CISCO Systems Canada, Dell Canada, gloPlug, IBM, NetApp, Nortel, and Panduit Canada have also supported HHS’s healthcare technology vision.

In all honestly, I kind of envy the Canadians, I’d love to be part of such initiatives, imagine being the customer advocacy for such a setup – amazing.

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