Ramblings: 1st NUH Annual Radiographers’ Course – Digital Imaging

National University Hospital or NUH (in Singapore) held their 1st Annual Radiographer’s Course (12-13thJul ), with Digital Imaging as their theme.

I attended the event as a Sponsor representative but am glad that I did manged to (at the last hour) contribute to the contents/materials presented (more details later).

As indicated by the course title, it is on Digital Imaging with a focus tune on Radiographers (that means nothing too technical). The course contents covers Digital Image acquisition (mainly CR and DR) including scanning of films (well, it’s technically digitization) as well as RIS, PACS architecture and the role of the clinical PACS Administrator, workflow and most importantly – RIS/PACS troubleshooting.

Due to a last minute ‘pull out’ from another vendor, the organising Chairman (a good friend ofmine) had to stand-in, to which he needed help to put together the relevant slides, I managed to contribute some of my old presentation/materials/articles/ knowledge/experience and evena bit of philosophy into the final presentation (I was given credit for it, together with Herman Oosterwij, which is an ego booster).

In all, I feel that the course was done pretty well except for a few speakers who tried to turn their allocated talk into a marketing/sales pitch (nothing wrong if there is a little but having the entire talk?) or plain reading off the slides (quite obvious that he didn’t know what he was saying). Still, it was a great success.

Congratulations to NUH and till the 2nd Annual Radiographer’s course~ 🙂

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