Interesting: Philips partners with Dubai Health Authority for future healthcare projects

Seems that Philips have big plans for the Middle East market.

First, they collaborated with the govertment of Saudi Arabia for medical-training, now they announced a strategic partnership (complete with a memorandum of understanding) with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to make Philips the preferred partner for future DHA healthcare projects for the Gulf region of the United Arab Emirates. 
“Through the partnership, Philips has become the DHA’s preferred partner and supplier of healthcare, lighting, consumer products and services. The agreement includes the possibility of further deployment of Philips products and services, and provides a joint framework for developing and pursuing future opportunities,” remarked Qhadi Al Murooshed, director general, DHA.

“Through this partnership, we are looking beyond the traditional areas of diagnosis and treatment to help medical professionals improve patient outcomes and increase the level of health and well being in Dubai and the Gulf region at large,” said Louis Hakim, vice president, Royal Philips Electronics, CEO, Philips Middle East.

Well done Philips, well done indeed.

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