GE Launches Centricity Training Program

If there is one thing that GE is doing right, it’s this – a global certification program for the company’s Centricity Enterprise solution, which will train, certify, and support leading systems integrators and ISVs around the world.

While I am not sure how deep the knowledge transfer will be or how is it delivered, the idea is good (but I think Microsoft can do a better job with a Microsoft Certified PACS Aministrator, boy would I love to get one of those).

Training classes and certification exams will initially take place at GE’s Enterprise Solutions offices in Seattle, but will be available on a regional basis by late 2009.

To quote the Senior Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare IT – “By creating an ecosystem of partners who can deploy and customize the solution to the exacting needs of each customer, current and new customers will accelerate their ability to transform their healthcare delivery by minimizing cost and maximizing patient safety and incorporating best practice workflows into every care scenario.”

Well said GE, well said.


  1. Leslie Carter says:

    Is there any contact information to find out if there are going to be classes anywhere else, the cost, any information would be appreciated.

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I reckon the best way to get information is to contact your local GE (Healthcare IT)representative.
    I do have a few contacts but they are from the Asia Pacific office.


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