New Article: Medical Waveform Format Encoding Rules (MFER)

I met up with two gentlemen from Nihon Kohden back on the 28th Dec 2007 and they reintroduced MFER to me.

Now why do I say reintroduced, that’s because I had forgotten about the existence of MFER. I first came across MFER off the Internet a couple years back but didn’t pay much attention to it as it was only an idea and that it was on waveforms. So why does it interest me now, well, ECGs, Holters and Stress tests comes in waveforms 🙂

As I did more research on MFER (yup, thats how I spent the last few days of 2007 and my first day of 2008 🙂 ), I decided to write an article on why I think this standard will be accepted in the industry and some of my takes on it.

Enjoy the article here and Happy New Year mates.


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