Ramblings: HL7 Singapore’s Sharing Session

The 2009 HL7 Standards Sharing Session organised by Health Level Seven (HL7) Singapore organised to promote the use of HL7 and related standards among the local community took place on the 30 June 2009 at the MOH Auditorium (Singapore).

For this event,  Corporate members of HL7 Singapore were invited to share interesting case studies of health IT standards implementation around the world and as mentioned in the previous post, I represented my company and delivered the topic “Health IT Standards in the Enterprise – Effective Adoption for Workflow Optimization

I personally think that I did not deliver this particular talk well and the reason why I think I did badly on this one is (for the first time) I had to include product marketing into the presentation. Of course, the lack of coffee (they did not serve coffee there) didn’t help.

Now giving credit where its due, the rest of the presenters did a really good job (although some also discreetly  promoted their products) and one that that did strike me as interesting as although all of us talk about different perspective, we didn’t mentioned alot of similar points (and the speakers come from all over the world).

Healthcare IT isn’t that different regardless of where one is as long as we hold the same objective – Benefiting the patient.

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