MIT professor wins grant to study ‘non-necessary’ medical imaging

This is an interesting article I found at, it reminded me of what a radiographer once said to me (seriously)

“Frank Levy, PhD, from the department of urban studies and planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has been awarded a grant to study “the effects of different initiatives to restrict non-necessary medical-imaging procedures on the costs and quality of care.”

Levy, an urban economics professor, will examine evidence suggesting that a significant fraction of imaging (MRI, PET, CTs, etc.) is done for non-medical reasons—to satisfy demanding patients, to protect against malpractice or sometimes to generate income”

Now I’m in no position to comment if the above message is true but I reckon anyone who work in an imaging department has a few comments to add 🙂

I will be interesting to see Dr Levy’s work when its done.

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