The VNA Book

Note: This book is no longer available for sale.

First Edition, ISBN : 978-981-08-8883-1


About the book

“Vendor Neutral Architecture & How It Will Change the World (of Healthcare IT)” is written to address the information gaps pertaining to the topic of VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) Architecture.

It clarifies misconceptions of VNAs, the problems it solves and how it can revolutionize the medical imaging informatics segment as well as the possibilities (and changes) an effective VNA implementation brings, especially in the image enablement of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Book Review

“Excellent Book. It covers a large number of topics we have debated on our forum. It is hugely educational & brings out a lot of practical issues surrounding PACS implementation (including image enablement in the Electronic Health Record) in simple language.

I think it is well written & unbiased. I would recommend this to anyone who is involved in Healthcare IT – technical or clinical.

It is a visionary book promoting vendor neutrality & interoperability”

Dr. Neelam Dugar
Chair, RCR Imaging Informatics Group, UK

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