Hi Adam, I enjoyed your presentation. Please keep in touch.

Prof. Steven BOYAGES, Medical Director, eHealth New South Wales, Australia

Dear Dr. Chee, I’m a great admirer of the innovative work you do at BinaryHealthCare to deliver better patient care at a lower cost.

I’m the president of TEDMED, the world’s only TED-licensed conference focused solely on innovation and breakthrough thinking success across all of health and medicine. It’s clear from your work that you are exactly the kind of leader TEDMED is held for, and I invite you to join us.

Jon Ellenthal, President of TEDMED, USA

I wanted to compliment your site. I was looking around at sites in radiology and medical imaging and felt your site was a good resource – and there aren’t many!

Representative, Nautilus Medical, USA

hey wow – wikileaks!
Dr. Tchoyoson LIM, Senior Consultant, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore

Thanks Adam,
Please do keep our community updated with your excellent work.
Dr. Neelam Dugar, Consultant Radiologist & Group Chair @Doncaster Royal Infirmary, UK

Thank you for delivering a very interesting introduction on Imaging to our students.
From the feedback received the students found your talk informative and easy to understand.
Thank you for your time and effort.
And it was our pleasure meeting you and having you as our guest speaker.
Sonny Goh, Associate Director at Parkway College, Singapore

This is good stuff – learnt alot – even wikipedia doesn’t come close to clarity
Eric Lee , Healthcare Consulting at IBM (ASEAN)

I read several article of your blogs. Very informative. Hope we can exchange more ideas in the future.
Charles  Hsiao, Co-founder at MedVoxel, a medical imaging post-analysis tool company. Canada

I am new to the PACS community. First I wanted to compliment you on your work on offering education
Mike Donahue, Modality Manager at  Toshiba America Medical Systems , USA

I know Adam since 2005 when I joined him for BinaryHealthCare.com. He is a very energetic and self motivated person for health-IT. Currently, I am working with him as PACS Ambassador. He brought this such an innovative idea of PACS Admin Day. that mobilized all imaging informatics people of Asia. Based on his professional background and his enthusiasm in informatics, I am sure that he will achieve more BIG milestones in coming years. Good Luck and best wishes.
Dr. Kashif  Mirza, Asst. Manager Healthcare-IT at Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan

Mr Adam Chee presented a topic of significant interest at our recent e-Health Conference held at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore on the 31st of July 2009. The conference theme was: workflow solutions for eHealth. (More details can be found on the link below) http://www.medtasia.com/index.php/medtasia/singapore-overview We were impressed with his knowledge and the professional manner in which Adam hosted a panel discussion with leading Healthcare organizations and international Solution Providers participating as panelists. The audience comprised a broad cross section of senior Delegates from most of the major Healthcare institutions & Hospitals in Singapore. We would have no hesitation in recommending Adam as a highly competent Speaker and Specialist in the field of Health Informatics
Leon Wreyford, Director at Med Tech Dynamics, Australia

Great content and I can tell you spend alot of time on the blog!!  Great work and good luck with it!
Dr. Steven Chan, MD, coFounder radRounds, Private practice body imaging radiologist from New York (USA)

An interesting Healthcare IT blog. I’ve put a link on my site.
Dr. Peng Hui Lee, Clinical Director of Radiology, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Great article! That’s an insightful take of the situation – reading your article, I wonder if I have additional information to offer you, on top of what you have now.
Steven Lee, Senior Product Specialist (Medical Devices) from Singapore (covering Asia Pacific)

I have been admiring your excellent blog from afar for quite a while. I was there again today, saw that you are undergoing a major revamp and thought that I should drop you a note to say hi…. Do keep in touch, and keep up the great work educating the masses in healthcare informatics.
Phil Robson, IT Consultant from UK ( Rolled out 20 RIS/PACS in 2 years for NPfIT deployments in London)

Great initiative. Hows the scene of Healthcare IT in Singapore. I’m in Qatar and in Healthcare domain for last 7 years. Looking forward to give input to various threads related to healthcare Certifications ,PACS etc.
Nitin Arora – A Healthcare IT Professional from Qatar

I like your website and the presentation stuff is really great. I found the URL from ClubPacs. Nice to know about you. Believe me you are the first person I know in asia who is related to PACS 🙂
Dr. Kashif Mirza – A Medical Doctor also acting as an IT Coordinator from Pakistan

I have browse through your website, and I find that its a beautiful work.
Yong Wei – A Biomedical Service Engineer from Singapore (covering Asia Pacific)

BinaryHealthCare.com is an informative source for new comer like me. I am impressed by seeing the way you put various info here.
Nazrul Haider – A PACS Administrator from Bangladesh

I read your website and some relevant ones. It is a indeed a well and good attempt
Chua Tji Leng – Biomedical Engineering Lecturer from Singapore

I read your article titled “Excuse me, are you an IT professional”. It was fantastic. I just felt you know me already by some telepath or…?
Praveen – IT Professional from India

I’m impressed by your details. Thanks. In future I need more advice from u.
Mathesh – NOC Support Engineer from India

I was at surfing techtutorials.com and after I finished reading, I saw a link to your site and it is an interesting site!!!! Great job!!!
Ryan Ho – IT Professional from Singapore

I read your article in the Diagnostic Imaging Magazine regarding security with a web based PACs system.Image Technology Labs. Inc. (ITL) has developed a single database RIS/PACs system using a dedicated encrypted tunnel designed specifically to prevent any outside contamination.When ITL is being considered a vendor of choice for an installation, the buyers ask us why we aren’t web based.Lew Edwards our CTO has been right on the mark when it pertains to the integrity and security of the system. ITL technicians build our own boxes with no CD’s etc just the necessary hardware to run the system. This is to insure that no one person can use the computer for games etc. It is strictly a mechanism to transfer all data to the users workstation..thanks for confirming our unique approach..When ITL is asked again about web based PACs and will we design that particular functionality, I’ll hand them your article!
Valerie McDowell – Image Technology Laboratories, Inc.ticker (IMTL)

I enjoyed your article. Keep up the good work and I like that you posted it on ClubPACS.
Dr. Paul Nagy – Director, Radiology Informatics Laboratory, Medical College of Wisconsin