Ramblings: APHM Conference 2011

APHM or the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia an Association representing private hospitals and medical centers in Malaysia since 1972 and they organize a conference and exhibition every year and for this year (2011), it took place from the 6 to 8 July in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia.

I was originally slotted to speak on vendor neutrality for one of the conference tracks but I guess the topic is deem too sensitivity by commercial vendors sponsoring the event and I ‘lost’ my speaking slot.

It was sad in a way because this means the audience does not get the opportunity to learn about the reality on vendor neutrality but on the other side of the coin, the organizers at APHM are high level representative from private hospitals and they are now fully aware of the importance of vendor neutrality due to the objections raised by those commercial vendors so in a way, they helped highlighted the topic 🙂

Ironic isn’t it?

New Article: Excuse Me, Are You ‘Vendor Neutral’? Achieving True Interoperability

Dear all,

I would like to share a new whitepaper I uploaded last week – “Excuse Me, Are You ‘Vendor Neutral’? Achieving True Interoperability“.

This whitepaper exams and clarifies the misconception pertaining to ’Vendor Neutral’ and highlights “Standards-Based Vendor Neutrality”.
It is important to clarify what ’Vendor Neutral’ really entails because it dispel ‘fraudulent’ claims on VNA being the same as an enterprise archive or that VNA is merely storage consolidation.

I hope you enjoy the whitepaper “Excuse Me, Are You ‘Vendor Neutral’? Achieving True Interoperability“.