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Ramblings: Social Change Makers and Global Health Bridge

I had an interesting week, in fact, make it two weeks. In my day job, I attended several meetings (some in person, some via the phone and some via skype) for multiple projects spanning across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The … Continue reading

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New Article: The DICOM Conformance Black Paper – What Your Vendors Donā€™t Want You To Know

Dear fellow readers, I would like to share with you a freshly minted whitepaper blackpaper on DICOM Conformance – What your vendor don’t want you to know. Sounds like a serious topic? You bet! In thisĀ whitepaper blackpaper, we will take … Continue reading

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New Article: Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)

I just finished a whitepaper on VendorĀ NeutralĀ Archive (VNA) and would like to share it with you wonderful people. This article examines the need for VNA and serves as an introduction/teaserĀ to an upcoming ebook of the same title – “Vendor Neutral … Continue reading

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