Ramblings: Social Change Makers and Global Health Bridge

I had an interesting week, in fact, make it two weeks.

In my day job, I attended several meetings (some in person, some via the phone and some via skype) for multiple projects spanning across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The discussions has been interesting as I can see the raise in awareness for vendor neutral archives as well as resistance for  change due to lack of understanding or simply due to the fact that change is not welcome (even if it is positive change with forward planning).

I also met up / converse with a few consulting companies in the region who are excited with the impact we are making with our solution – they call it ‘disruptive technology’, which I think is well described.

On a personal capacity, with the Lunar New Year around the corner, things have been crazy busy (I still have not perform th spring cleaning at home) so I am trying to reserve some time  next week to get the house cleaned up.

I helped organised the first 2011 networking event for HL7 Singapore so that took some time (it was quite tough with my  travelling schedule but thankfully, I had great people on my team).

I was interviewed by a magazine from India and I think I have several deadlines for articles to be published (hopefully I will find some free time over lunar new year to pen then), the most interesting talk I gave this month was one to introduce Singapore (yes, you read it right, I gave a presentation to introduce Singapore and Singaporeans, it was done in good humor though).

However, what I really want to share was three particular meetings;

  1. one with a social enterprise providing Healthcare IT solutions for the Long Term Care segment in Singapore – I really learned alot about this segment of healthcare and was very inspired by the founder of the company
  2. one with a investment and advisory firm focusing on social ventures (this is my 3rd meeting with Venture Capitalist)
  3. the most meaningful one will be the one with Global Health Bridge

Now Global Health Bridge is a non-governmental-organisation working on using simple technology to transform healthcare information and improve healthcare outcomes, from what I gather, it is initiated by a group of young brilliant and energetic students (and ex-students) from Harvard.

The scope of work for now focuses on India and Bangladesh and for the record, I am so impressed (and touched) by the initiative that I have initiate contact with them to see how binaryHealthCare can help contribute to their cause.

The initial meeting has been great and I am trying to see if something sustainable be be derived as to make the work meaningful.

In all, it has been an interesting two weeks and in case I ‘disappear’ until after the lunar new year – I wish all of you wonderful people, a fantastic and festive Lunar New Year 🙂

New Article: The DICOM Conformance Black Paper – What Your Vendors Don’t Want You To Know

Dear fellow readers,

I would like to share with you a freshly minted whitepaper blackpaper on DICOM Conformance – What your vendor don’t want you to know.

Sounds like a serious topic? You bet!

In this whitepaper blackpaper, we will take a look at the role of DICOM,  the reasons why (and on how many levels) DICOM non-conformance takes place as well as the resolution options to DICOM non-conformance.

This whitepaper blackpaper is part of the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) series (first whitepaper can be accessed here) and serves  as an introduction/teaser to an upcoming Ebook  – “Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)”, estimated launch date : Mid-December 2010

“The DICOM Conformance Black Paper – What Your Vendor Don’t Want You To Know” can be accessed here.

Note: Special acknowledgements to Mr Ravi Krishnan for advisory and proofreading on this whitepaper blackpaper (making it a better read).

New Article: Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)

I just finished a whitepaper on Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and would like to share it with you wonderful people.

This article examines the need for VNA and serves as an introduction/teaser to an upcoming ebook of the same title – “Vendor Neutral Archive & How it will change the World (of Medical Imaging Informatics)“.

This ebook is not to be confused with ‘The Book‘ (I’m not revealing the title of ‘The Book’ until it is published – est. in late October 2010).

This whitepaper (not the ebook – not yet) is awarded an educational grant from ClearState and also published at AsiaHealthSpace.com

Enjoy the whitepaper here.