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Mining Electronic Records for Revealing Health Data

This is an excellent article about utilising the data  residing in electronic records for research purposes. The article also hints of the inherent issue when utilising these valuable data residing across different electronic records – the lack of interoperability. Enjoy the article … Continue reading

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Book: How “Healthcare Informatics” is Different

As part of a fund-raising initiative for binaryHealthCare, I have authored a book titled “How Health Informatics is Different” (ISBN : 978-981-07-4588-2). “How Health Informatics is Different” is written for individuals (especially management consultants) who wants to understands the ‘idiosyncrasy’ of … Continue reading

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Computers not yet able to understand human speech

I chanced upon this article from Cornell Chronicle and I would recommend it as a good read to understand why Semantic Interoperability is such a hard goal to achieve.     By Rebecca Harrison Perhaps Hal from “2001: A Space Odyssey” may not … Continue reading

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