Ramblings: Plane-Hopping & Hospital Build Middle East 2011

As promised in my previous post “Plane-Hopping & the Consulting Workshop inĀ Jakarta“, I will share some information and experience pertaining to the lecture delivered at Hospital Build Middle East 2011, at Dubai.

It was not the first time I am invited to speak in the Middle East but it was my first actual speaking engagement in the Middle East.Ā Sound confusing? AllowĀ let me explain.

I was invited back in 2005 to speak at the Second Middle East Conference on Healthcare Informatics (in Dubai)Ā on “IT Security in Healthcare Informatics : The Hidden Vulnerability” but I didn’t make the tripĀ due to Ā a schedule conflict.

Hospital Build Middle East 2011 is in myĀ opinion, aĀ great event. TheĀ organizersĀ obviously knew what they are doing and this is evident from the program / sessions outline and selection of speakers.

If I have to compare it with Hospital Build Asia 2011, I think (I could be mistaken.. but) the turnout is smaller but the crowd is just as vibrant and theĀ audiences are just as (if not more) eager. Of course, all these wouldn’t come as any surprise as theĀ organizersĀ are the same folks who handles the infamousĀ Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, which is the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, and the second largest in the world.

The topic of my presentation (or lecture) was “Paperless workflow- The move to filmless radiology departments” and I think it was pretty well received as I have a fewĀ participantsĀ approachingĀ me (after the lecture and during lunch), thanking me for the presentation and raising relevant points for discussion.

If there was anything negative about the whole experience, it would be the introduction for me by the congress host (not the chair person, they got another guy to serve as the host). Other than my salutation and name, he basically got the rest of my information wrong.

I was introduced as theĀ “manger of the binaryhealth project” when it was state clearly as Ā Chief Advocate (Director) of binaryHealthCare, the gentlemen also skipped my bio (but he did a perfectĀ introductionĀ , complete with the Bio for other speakers). Ah well šŸ™‚

However, I really feel positive and am very glad I had the opportunity to contribute to Hospital Build Middle East 2011. I was the only speaker from theĀ SEA region so I feel pretty good about the recognition given as this indicates that the work performed Ā via binaryHealthCare is gaining more traction out of Asia (there are many other instances to affirm this but those are stories for another time).

So that is it for Hosital Build Middle East 2011, lets see if I get the opportunity to contribute to the same event next year.