Book: How “Healthcare Informatics” is Different

As part of a fund-raising initiative for binaryHealthCare, I have authored a book titled “How Health Informatics is Different” (ISBN : 978-981-07-4588-2).

“How Health Informatics is Different” is written for individuals (especially management consultants) who wants to understands the ‘idiosyncrasy’ of healthcare Informatics.

This book contains the core essence that is absolutely required to better understand the unique perspective of this industry and in the process, uncover much sought after answers to critical puzzles like;

  • Is Healthcare truly different from other industries?
  • What are the complexities in Healthcare? Or is it merely misunderstood?
  • Why Health IT solutions are not ‘portable’?
  • Why “Clinician Driven” EMRs are never “Clinically Sufficient”?
  • Why are Healthcare IT budgets so low when compared to other industries?
  • What is Semantic Interoperability and why is it so difficult to achieve?

If you are ready to embark on a journey to understand the core complexities of healthcare informatics, then take a seat, relax and enjoy the insights presented by “How Health Informatics is Different.