So You Want To Be a PACS Administrator

Note: This book is no longer available for sale.

First Edition, ISBN : 978-981-08-7064-5

About the book

“So You Want To Be a PACS Administrator” is written as a companion guide for introductory courses in the domain of Imaging Informatics developed by Adam for institutes of higher learning (mostly based in Asia Pacific). It also serve as a guide for the novice PACS Administrator and (hopefully) as a reference for the experienced.

This book provides an ‘introductory overview’ of the required knowledge, core concepts, best practices and guiding principles that should serve as ‘rules of thumb’, allowing the readers to apply them (in context)  and resolve situations that may arise in their course of work with confidence, smoothing the bumps as they navigate in the complicated but exciting world of PACS Administration.

Book Review

“With the publishing of “So You Want To Be a PACS Administrator” Adam has added to his already large volume of published material in the field of Imaging Informatics through, amongst other sources.

Adam’s book covers all aspects of procurement, implementation and ongoing management and maintenance of a PACS system. It is written in a style that will engage and interest readers across the range of interest and experience levels.

It will serve as an invaluable reference source to experienced RIS and PACS Administrators, Radiographers, Healthcare IT professionals, students and other healthcare professionals.

Of particular interest to me, as an ex-Radiographer was the Chapter on Applied Imaging Informatics. This chapter clearly explains, in non technical terms, the seemingly complex DICOM arena.

The sections related to future proofing any PACS purchase, and ensuring Vendor or PACS neutrality for an institution’s Image Data are of particular relevance as many facilities are entering into second generation PACS replacements for Radiology, or extending Imaging Archives into other clinical specialties.

Let us hope that PACS Administrators, in time, are fully recognized for their expertise in their chosen profession. That day has been brought closer with the publishing of this book”

Phil Robson, Senior Project Manager (Imaging Informatics), Middle East

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