Interoperability Showcase APAC 2014

Dear all, I am reprising my role as the “Interoperability Showcase Technical Project Manager” (and as part of the Showcase’s Planning Committee) for the 2014 Asia Pacific Interoperability Showcase.

This year’s Showcase will be held during HIMSS Asia Pacific 2014 Digital Healthcare Week, from 15-18 Sep at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and I would like to bring your attention to the following:

  • Calling for participation in the Interoperability Showcase

The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase is held in collaboration with IHE, bringing vendors and decision-makers together in a “seeing is believing” interactive environment where attendees can become the patient in a clinical use case scenario and watch their health data moves from system to system.

I am still working on the new use-cases but do note that  participating companies have the opportunity to co-develop the use case and formulate use-case tours, featuring unique patient stories showing how standards based interoperability solutions improve patient outcomes and clinician workflow.

So take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate interoperability leadership and get the appropriate visibility as an industry leader in Asia Pacific – a growing and powerful region!

For more information pertaining to the use case or any aspects of the Interoperability showcase, drop me an email.

Dr. Adam CHEE

Note: The Interoperability Showcase prospectus will be made available for download soon