National University of Singapore (NUS)

BNHC (the commercial arm of BinaryHealthCare) has ceased operations but this doesn’t mean that I am no longer available for consulting & advisory or knowledge transfer services. It simply means that I now offer them through the Smart Health Leadership Centre, with a team !

I took up the role of Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre at National University of Singapore (NUS) back in July 2020. This means in addition to my own SmartHealth team, I can (if needed) draw upon the institute’s practitioner insights, research findings and expertise in areas of Digital Innovation & Design, Digital Strategy & Leadership, Digital Products & Platforms, Digital Agility, Data Science, Software System, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and more when providing professional services 😎

So what is the role of the Smart Health Leadership Centre? For starters, the centre’s mission is to transform the future experience of health through technology, data and design, delivering impact through training, research and collaboration. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that the Centre was tailored for me 😏

The centre accomplish the above mission by developing and blending the disciplines, skills and technologies through;

1) Practice-Oriented Training (incorporating experiential learning)
▪️ For both Graduate (e.g. Masters Degrees) & Executive Education
▪️Courses includes data analytics, innovation and design thinking, business process transformation, digital technology planning and systems thinking (all tailored for health(care) & social care)
2) Mentorship-Based Consulting
▪️To facilitate sustainable impacts when tackling organizational challenges faced during digital health transformation
3) Industry- Based Applied Research
▪️ Working on actual deliverables with an impact and not just academic papers

In addition, the centre has a very strong focus on Collaboration & Co-creation, Innovation and also runs a Smart Health Community of Practice that organizes relevant cross-industry seminars & roundtables.

In other words, other than running the centre, I get to teach & mentor, undertake consulting & research projects, build up the community and speak at conferences. Doesn’t it sound exactly like what I was doing back in BNHC 😁

So feel free to reach out if you need help with Digital Health Transformation (even if you are not based in Singapore). As mentioned, the Smart Health Leadership Centre is big on Collaboration.

Note: The views & opinions above are strictly the author’s & represent no one else.