Health Informatics

  • Is HL7 Relevant to Clinicians? (2013)
    This article examines if HL7 and it’s myriad of Standards serves any direct purpose and use to Clinicians.
    Published externally at the Sep 2013 edition of the HL7 International News.
  • Health IT Standards: What Went Wrong Where? (2012)
    This article illustrates why Standards ‘fails’ in real-life implementation and the obvious rectification methods.
    Published externally at the May 2012 edition of the HL7 International News.
  • Technology – an Enabler of Healthcare Connectivity (2012)
    This paper clarifies  some concepts plus  guidelines on effective selection of technology for mHealth in the various context, especially for rural areas.
    Published externally at Health IT Journal (Volume 4, Issue 1, Jan – Mar 2012, ISSN 0975 – 6060X)
  • Medical Imaging Informatics Overview (2010)
    A set of lecture slides I prepared as a guest lecturer for the “Information Technology in Healthcare” module at Parkway College as part of their Graduate Diploma course.
  • Enterprise Imaging Informatics – PACS in Radiology and Beyond (2010)
    This article examines the increasing demands for medical imaging services and how progress in medical imaging technologies, their impact across different clinic disciplines and  how it redefines Enterprise Imaging Informatics and the potential market growth in Asia.
  • So you want to buy an ECG Management System (2009)
    This article is a rehash of (a portion) a Research Proposal I wrote in Sep 2008 for a PhD that didn’t materialised. It examines (briefly) on the features on should look for when considering an ECG Management System implementation.
  • Taking a look at DICOM Structured Reporting (2009)
    This article takes a look at DICOM SR, its intended features and why it has not been adopted rapidly in clinical use despite it’s intended design.

  • Mulitple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Medical Imaging Informatics (2009)
    A set of 45 MCQs (developed for a reputed Indian Medical University) aimed at enforcing the basic concepts of medical imaging informatics of an Imaging Technologist.

  • Why Implement a Cardiology PACS? Part 1 – Motivation, Barriers and the reason ‘Why’ (2008 )
    This article is modified from a paper I did as part of my Master Degree. It examines the drivers (motivation) and barriers towards Cardiology PACS implementation as well as the reasons why.

  • Medical Imaging Informatics, Who Owns The Enterprise PACS? (2008 )
    A theme paper presented at the 23rd Singapore-Malaysia Radiographer’s Conference (SMRC).

  • Excuse Me, Are you a PACS Administrator? (2008 )
    This article examines the role of the modern-day PACS Administrator and related issues.
  • Medical Waveform Format Encoding Rules (MFER) (2007)
    This article examines the purpose of MFER and its role in conjunction with existing standards like DICOM & HL7, the potential it holds as well as the drivers for adoption of MFER as the de facto standard for waveforms.
  • Moving on to Teleradiology (2007)
    An article looking at the potential of TeleRadiology in Asia Pacific, addressing its drivers and barriers towards a successful implementation.
  • IT Security in Biomedical Imaging Informatics : The Hidden Vulnerability (2005)
    An oral paper presented at the 7th Annual NTU-SGH Symposium, Singapore.
  • Image Quality Management in a PACS Environment (2005)
    An oral paper presented at the 20th Singapore-Malaysia Radiographer’s Conference (SMRC).