Guiding Principles


To improve healthcare (and saving lives) through advocating the importance of Healthcare Informatics as an enabler for “better patient care at lower cost” by understanding the underlying “Why” in order to apply the Sustainable “How”


To raise the standards of health informatics through training, continuing education and providing a vendor neutral community / hub to enable knowledge exchange and collaboration

Commercial Values

Four questions we help our clients answer

  1. How are you /your patient /your population or company/market/industry doing?
  2. How do you compare?
  3. How do you improve?
  4. If you made a change, did it make a difference?
Three commercial beliefs

  1. The “pie” is big enough for everyone, whenever possible – collaborate
  2. We are interested only if we can provide value and make a difference
  3. To always strive for a  “win-win” situation
Two important disclaimers

  1. eHealth is a very big domain, we don’t claim to know everything
  2. We cannot please everyone nor win every cause (and we will not try to)
One official question

  1. How can I, help you to help me, help you?