FAQ on Frequent Requests

Hi there, you have been directed to this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) because you are a commercial entity and have requested for one of the following;

  1. To meet-up for coffee/tea/ some other beverage /breakfast/lunch/dinner
    • And you have not been clear on what it is the exact intention for the meeting (what it is that you want from BNHC and what are you offering to BNHC)
  2. For BNHC to be a Distributor or Joint-Bid a specific project with your company

We receive such requests several times a day; hence this FAQ has been compiled to help expedite the ‘conversation’ – including possible options/choices/next steps.

Note: Please kindly understand that we are not trying to be rude but rather, we took the effort to develop this FAQ because we respect your time (and ours).

Please select the most relevant option:

  1. To Meet-Up
  2. To be your Distributor / To Joint-Bid a project

To Meet-Up

Please locate the most appropriate category as to why you are requesting for a meet-up to identify the suggested next steps;

 1)     ‘Picking our brains” / free consulting / free market insights

  • Please kindly understand that BNHC is a social enterprise, not a charity
  • We too need to earn a living so we can have a roof over our family’s heads and put food on the table
  • Hence it is actually quite unrealistic to expect us to devote time (which is a limited resource) to provide free consulting and advisory services to your company

 2)      To see “how we can help you”

  • Please do not send us your company website or a brief description of an existing problem and ask how BNHC can be of help to your company
  • This is effectively asking us to perform a free gap analysis for you
    • See ‘Picking our brains” / free consulting / free market insights for more details
    • If you are unsure of what  you / your company need, the best option is to have a discussion with us either via email or phone to assess if a “Gap Analysis” is required
    • Alternatively, you / your company can engage BNHC for retainer advisory services

3)      To introduce contacts to your company to make a sale

  • While BNHC often help point companies in the right direction (where applicable), we will not make a personal introduction for companies or solutions that we are not familiar with

4)      Meet-up just to introduce yourself / chat / make friends

  • While we really do enjoy meeting new people in the industry, we simply can’t afford to take specific time off our working schedule (or family time) just to meet with a sales representative for coffee and nothing else
    (we honestly wish we could but we can’t)
  • What we suggest is for you to send us an email to say ‘Hi’ and drop by a networking event/ conference where BNHC will be present, after all, that is what networking events and conferences are all about – developing your commercial network
    • We post regular updates on the networking events / conferences we will be participating  so do keep an eye out

Being Your Distributor / Joint-Bid a project

  • The commercial aspect of BNHC offers three value proposition – Intellectual Property (Experience & Expertise), Branding (Reputation & demonstration of Thought Leadership) and Network (Industry connections, accessing the who’s who)
  • Being a Distributor or to Joint-Bid a specific project with your company effectively translates to
    • Helping to develop your company’s product/solutions to suit the intended market segment
    • Lending our branding to your company for credibility purposes
    • Helping your company develop the market (including raising awareness, identifying prospects, introducing key contacts, marketing and pre-sales etc.)
  • In other words, you are requesting that we invest our Intellectual Property, Branding, Network and Time (opportunity cost) in return for future (which can be a long time due to the sales cycle) potential (which means it may or may not be any) commission / revenue
    • This is not an attractive business model as we are a social enterprise that generates revenue to fund our initiatives
    • What we suggest is – if you think BNHC is able to extend our value propositions to your company, then engage us for consultancy services
      • The list of consultancy services can be located at here