Consultancy & Advisory

At BinaryHealthCare, we truly understand How Health Informatics Is Different and we provide different types and levels of consulting services to help you / your organization “Bridge the eHealth Divide”.

Some examples of (but not limited to) what we do include;

  • For Health Providers
    • Provision of Health IT strategic advisory, standards adoption, high level enterprise solution/ architecture design (including interoperability), deployment & adoption strategy
    • Evaluation, assessment and recommendation of technology
    • Stakeholders Engagement, Expectation Management, Risk Identification & Mitigation & Project governance
    • Multi-faceted workflow revamp & optimization to achieve transform care
    • Capacity development to ensure sustainability operation growth
  • For Solution Providers
    • Strategic Planning including Marketing, Growth strategy, Innovation strategy, Go-To-Market strategies etc.
    • Market development for specific countries and regions
    • Establishing a “Local Presence” and “Demonstrated Expertise” in markets of interest
    • Product development (including roadmap development) and localization
    • Establishment of Thought-leadership and building of brands in specific countries and regions
    • Capacity development to ensure sustainability business growth
  • For Investors (Venture Capitals, Private Equities)
    • Very few people understand How Health Informatics Is Different, even Physicians and IT professionals working in Healthcare (Hint: They are not Health Informaticians).
    • Before investors part their money for the “next big thing that will revolutionise healthcare”, we can help to clear the smokes & mirrors of the Digital Health Solutions presented by young eager entrepreneurs unaware of the hidden complexities they are dealing with
    • Note: We only assess Digital Health solutions, not Pharma, not Biotech, only Digital Health
  • ‘Big Four’ Consulting
    • Provision of subject matter expertise to big brand consulting firms for their health IT projects
    • (Yes, that’s how Adam got his nickname of being the “Consultant’s Consultant”!)
  • HIMSS Analytics (including EMRAM ©)
    • BinaryHealthCare is a consulting partner of HIMSS Analytics to deliver consulting services including advisory work for Asia Pacific and Middle East
    • Consulting services includes those pertaining to the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM)

Types of Engagement Models for the services mentioned available include;

    • “1-Hour” Quick Consult
    • Ad-Hoc Assignments
    • Term Assignments
    • Anchor Clients / Retainer Consulting
    • “Health Informaticians as a service”
    • Strategic Advisory & Services
    • Custom Projects / Project Consulting (Usually for NGOs)

Need more information? Please download one of the relevant Guide-Decks or contact us for more Information.