• Context-Driven Innovation (2017)
    This article examines what Innovation is and how one can achieve Context-Driven Innovation that is applicable to any underlying disciplines.
  • Excuse Me, Are you a Thought Leader (2014)
    This commentary examines the roles of IT Professionals in Healthcare versus Health Informaticians and what a real Thought Leader in Healthcare Informatics really is.
  • Venturing into Asia Pacific – Hong Kong or Singapore? (2014)
    This introductory article is written for ehealth providers interested in venturing into the Asia-Pacific market. It aims to help identify suitable markets and also determine if they should set-up their regional headquarters in Singapore or Hong Kong.
  • Challenges in EHR Adoption – Data Protection (2011)
    A commentary that raises awareness on the topic of Data Protection in national wide implementations of Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions. This commentary serves as the teaser to a series of whitepapers on the topic of Data Protection in eHealth.
  • Healthcare Informatics – Art or Science? (2008)
    A commentary on the state of Healthcare Informatics and how to overcome some barriers to ensure success. This article also serves as an introduction to CHIU – Committee of Healthcare Informatics User, for the Asia region.
  • Choose a Job You Love (2004)
    This motivational story talks about my struggle between liking my job, but needing more money.