Collaborations & Outreach


As a social initiative, BinaryHealthCare dedicated resources to “Bridge the eHealth Divide”, this included capacity building through the BinaryHealthCare Collaborative Outreach Programme (BCOP) to share, exchange and develop cross-border knowledge in the areas of Health Informatics, Digital Health and context-driven innovation etc.

BinaryHealthCare ceased it’s social enterprise component in July 2020 but the spirit of Collaboration & Co-creation, Innovation and Thought Leadership continues through Dr. Adam CHEE’s role as Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre at the Institute of System Science (ISS), National University of Singapore (NUS).


Regardless if you are from other faculties in NUS, other universities, research institutes, professional societies, trade organisations, governmental agencies, NGOs, social enterprises, ancillary industry, solution or health provider, investment firms etc., as long as you have a valid idea for collaboration or if you need expertise in Digital Health Transformation (be it in Singapore or not), make contact to kickstart the discussion.

Note: The views & opinions above are strictly the author’s & represent no one else.