Nanyang Polytechnic – Starhub Centre for Connected Care

I tweeted about the official launch + MOU signing of the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) – Starhub Centre for Connected Care but thought I will also do a detailed blog post here.


First things first, for the interested, the news coverage of the centre is available at Straits Times and I’ll be paraphrasing some of it’s contents (why reinvent the wheel) while sharing some of the ‘history’ and context of this centre.

My role with the NYP-Starhub Centre for Connected Care started back in June 2012 where I started serving as the Solution Architect for the NYP-HIMSS Centre of Excellence (Health IT), which was officially launched backed on 27 November 2013.

It is important to note at this point that my involvement is pro-bono, as part of the BinaryHealthCare Collaborative Outreach Programme (BCOP) so if you are an interested Institution of Higher Learning, drop us an email.

The NYP-HIMSS Centre of Excellence (Health IT) focused more on the acute-care settings (mainly ICU and in-patient wards), covering healthcare IT solutions such as electronic medical record systems, wireless vital signs monitoring and close loop medication management system that are used in many hospitals in Singapore (remember, this was 2012-2013) while the NYP-Starhub Centre for Connected Care focuses on the seniors (elder care) and those living with dementia.


In other words, this centre focuses on the ageing population and long-term care sector, adopting smart technologies to enable the “Smart Home” concept, including innovations such as mobile beds, elder-friendly cupboards as well as open-concept designs etc.

Now here is the million dollar question: why am I dedicating an entire blog post on this centre? The answer is workflow. “How fantastic is the workflow optimisation? Well, if you visit the centre (which I highly encourage), you will noticed that almost all the “high tech” stuff are blended in (to the extend of being invisible – like electricity!), that’s how awesome the implementation has been,

Workflow is not a synonym for Processes – non Health Informaticians usually confuses these two concepts as synonyms, if you are scratching your head right now, I suggest you read this whitepaper on workflow or attend our signature course – Mini-HI : Mini Health Informatician


So what my role with the NYP-Starhub Centre for Connected Care? As mentioned earlier, my journey with this centre started back in June 2012 because I also serve it’s Solution Architect (agin, pro-bono, as part of BCOP) as both centres serves to cover different segments across the Continuum Care!

The story of NYP-Starhub Centre for Connected Care have just started so stay tune for more exciting developments 🙂


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