Updates: Optimising sharing of Updates

Hi everyone,

In order to optimise information flow (in this case – updates from BinaryHealthCare), we decided to tweak the workflow on how we will be disseminating updates through the use of Social Media.

  • Updates via Twitter and LinkedIn will be synchronised
    • The content distributed will be mostly status update and sharing of external content (including events)
    • I understand that some social media experts will cringe at the idea of having the exact same content distributed at Twitter  and LinkedIn (platforms designed for very different purposes), however, we are aiming to keep content shared at a professional level

So what does the above changes means? The idea is to make it easy for anyone interested in what BinaryHealthCare is up to.

  • If one wishes to be kept abreast of what we are doing and/or get new content as and when it is available, follow us via Twitter
  • If one wishes to communicate directly with us (for professional purposes), connect via LinkedIn or drop us an email

The changes are effective as of today so we really hope this help.



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