Where did time go? Mini-HI

It is close to the middle of March, that means more than a quarter of 2017 has gone by. Now where did all that time go???

Where Did the Time Go

I had a friend in Qatar asking me 2 weeks ago if things are all right with me as I have not been blogging since 20 Dec 2016. Truth is, I have been travelling quite a fair bit for an unusual project -it is not the sort of work I normally undertake but to be honest, I really enjoyed it. The good news is, there is a possibility that this could turn into a long-term engagement so fingers cross.

Now I know that being busy isn’t an excuse for not posting blog entries but if one were to take note, I have been tweeting (the tweets appears on the right side of the “Blog & Tweets” page) and I guess going forward, I’ll be posting more tweets  than blog entries (there is also a commercial reason for this).

I also wish to take the opportunity to share that I will be doing another run of the Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician) at NUS Singapore next week (teaching is something I really enjoy) and I promise to tweet about it 🙂

Till the next post entry., cheers!

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