Introducing the Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician) programme

I would like to officially introduce BinaryHealthCare’s signature course – the Mini-HI (Mini Health Informatician).

Often confused as a synonym for Health IT, Health Informatics is a unique discipline on its own right that utilizes Technology (including IT), Communication, Health(Care) to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Best described as ā€œthe science, the how and why, behind Health ITā€, Health Informatics is a fast growing but often misunderstood field.

Designed to empower participants with the knowledge and understanding of the core body of knowledge essential to Health Informaticians, the Mini-HIĀ is the ‘essence’ derived from the numerous training programs Adam has developed for Companies (solution providers, consulting firms etc.), Health(care) Providers, Professional Societies and Institutes of Higher Learning in the regional over the years.

Mini-HI goes beyond an essential or basic course, which often leaves participants walking away thinking Health Informatics is just “IT in health(care)”, resulting in failed implementations. By Bridging the eHealth DivideĀ among professionals working within and around Health Informatics (which in the modern world – means everyone working in health, healthcare and medicine), empowering participants to communicate and apply the relevant Health Informatics concepts, theories and practices to real-life situations, helping them decide, design, implement and/or adopt Health IT, Information Technology etc. as an enabler to achieve better health outcomes in their facility.

Details of the syllabus and other relevant information can be found at www.MiniHI.netĀ  and we look forward to delivering theĀ Mini-HI in your company, university and country.

Let us bridge the eHealth Divide!


Conferences Galore in the month of March

March 2016 seems to be the month of conferences!

Ok, I jest a little, there are only two Health IT conferences taking place this month in Singapore (well, there could be more but I am not aware of any others),;

If you noticed, the dates for both conferences are overlapping, I guess this will pose as a challenge for individuals involved with both events. On a personal basis, I will be Ā leading panel discussions at both events (the themes are different, one focuses on analytics, the other on telehealth) so I guess there will be a bit of travelling as I need to shuffle between the respective venue.

Stay tune for “real-time” updates via Tweeter on the days themselves.

Health Innovation Technology Challenge 2016

I blogged briefly about the Health Innovation Technology (HIT) Challenge 2016Ā  in my last post and would like to bring upĀ your attention toĀ it again.

Co-organised by IDA Singapore, National Healthcare Group and Serious Games Asia (Singapore),Ā HIT 2016 is a nationwide contest for healthcare professionals toĀ submit competition entries that identify real healthcare problemsĀ and present their solutions that are engaging, sustainable andĀ contributing to the Smart Nations Initiative in Singapore.

If you would like to co-create viableĀ health & wellness solutions that can lead toĀ happier engagement & healthier outcomes then simply hit2016.seriousgamesconference.orgĀ to findĀ out how you canĀ propose user-driven solutions that can helpĀ the healthcare fraternity move towardsĀ better Healthcare Enabling, Education and Efficiency.

Do note that the submission deadline isĀ  18 April 2016 so don’t hesitate!