Ramblings: Mission Trip to China 2 – 4 November 2015

Dear friends,

I’d like to share with you folks about an upcoming Mission Trip to China, by toto Global Ventures. Scheduled from 2nd to 4th November, the mission trip coversĀ Tianjin and Beijing.

More information pertaining to the Mission Trip can be found at toto Global Ventures.

Note: For the interested, please contactĀ toto Global VenturesĀ directly (I am not involved in the organisation nor execution of the programme.

HL7 Publishes Release 2 of FHIRĀ® DSTU

This just came in via email šŸ™‚

On September 23, 2015, Health Level SevenĀ® International (HL7Ā®) announced that it has published Release 2 of the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIRĀ®) Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU).

The new version is the culmination of 18Ā months of extensive work on the standard to incorporate the necessary changes received from implementation partners including the Argonaut Project.

HL7ā€™s FHIR is a next generation standards framework that leverages the latest web standards and applies a tight focus on implementation. FHIR includes a RESTful API, which is an approach based on modern internet conventions and widely used in other industries. The standard represents a significant advance in accessing and delivering data while offering enormous flexibility. For patients and providers, its versatility can be applied to mobile devices, web-based applications, cloud communications, and EHR data-sharing using modular components.

The list of updates and changes made to FHIR DSTU Release 2 is extensive:

  • Simplified the RESTful API
  • Extended search and versioning significantly
  • Increased the power and reach of the conformance resources and tools
  • Defined a terminology service
  • Broadened functionality to cover new clinical, administrative and financial areas
  • Incorporated thousands of changes in existing areas in response to trial use
  • Invested heavily in the quality of the process and the specification

A full list of changes to the FHIR standard can be found at:Ā http://HL7.org/fhir/history.html#history.

In addition to these changes to the base specification, DSTU2 is published along with three US-realm specific implementations developed in association with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). These are as follows:

The FHIR specification is expected to undergo further revisions in the future as it is still a draft standard for trial use. In response to the constantly evolving nature of the standard, HL7 has developed the FHIR Maturity Model to help implementers understand how the various parts of the standard are advancing toward completion to a full ANSI-approved standard. The model can be found here:http://HL7.org/fhir/resource.html#maturity.

For more information on HL7ā€™s FHIR and to download the standard, please visit:www.HL7.org/FHIR.

HL7 offers a variety of educational opportunities for members and their staff to learn more about HL7 FHIR, including: HL7 FHIR for Executives, HL7 FHIR Architectural Approaches and the HL7 FHIR Institute and Meaningful Use Standards Implementation Workshop.

Copyright Ā© 2015 Health Level Seven International, All rights reserved.

Updates: HIMSS AsiaPac15

Last week was a busy week for those of us in the Asia Health Informatics Industry … yes I am referring to HIMSS AsiaPac15, whichĀ I’m going to provide a very brief update (from my own personal experiences).

I have mentioned this several times but HIMSS AsiaPac serves as an excellent platform to catch-up with friends and this year is of no exception. In addition toĀ the pleasure of catching up with so many familiar faces from all over the world, I also made several new ones. This aspect alone makes it worthwhile for one to attendĀ HIMSS AsiaPac (For the interested, HIMSS AsiaPac16 would be held in Bangkok in August 2016).

Catching up with old friendsWith the Japanese Delegation!

As mentioned inĀ a previous post, I performed a few official duties, including serving on the Organizing Sub-Committees of both the ā€œSmartĀ DataĀ andĀ ExchangeĀ Trackā€ and ā€œSmartĀ HomeĀ andĀ ConsumerĀ Trackā€ as well asĀ Moderator for theĀ Ā SMART DATA & EXCHANGE, on 9 September (Wednesday). What I did not mention (because I meant it to be a surprise for friends attending the event) was theĀ HIMSS Fellow RecognitionĀ scheduled on 7 September (Monday) where I was officially honored as the First HIMSS Fellow in Asia, officially receiving my certificate on stage, from Dr. Chong Yoke Sin, Chairperson ofĀ HIMSS Asia Pacific Governing CouncilĀ (I’ll post the official photo once it’s available).

With reference to the exhibition, there were many ‘new participants’ showcasing their wares to the attendees. One interesting trend I noticed was the surge of vendors offeringĀ VNA solutions. (I presented on the topic at HIMSS AsiaPac12 as well as at several other conferences inĀ 2011, not to mentioned the book I wrote on this topic, also in 2011). There are of course, many other interesting observations from the exhibition hall but I’ll leave the details out in the spirit of maintaining vendorĀ neutrality.

The last bit of information that I think is worth sharing would be the FHIR Masterclass that HL7 Singapore co-organised with HIMSS AsiaPac. The FHIR Masterclass had participants not only from Singapore, there were also several other HL7 Affiliate Chairs, Co-Chairs, FHL7Ā and people from all around Asia and Middle East attendingĀ Grahame Grieve’s sharing! It was truly a wonderful session and I look forward to organizing follow-up training sessions pertaining to FHIR!

GG Workshop FHIR Workshop

Enterprise Innovation Award 2015 & The IoT Show 2015

Update: TheĀ Enterprise Innovation Award 2015Ā has been rescheduled to the 25 November 2015.

Today is the first day of HIMSS AsiaPac15Ā but that’s not what we’ll be talking about (that will be another topic for another day), instead, I’d like to share with you two other events that will take place in Singapore after HIMSS AsiaPac15.

The first event would be the Enterprise Innovation Award 2015,Ā scheduled on the 17 September 2015 at Mandarin Orchard 2015.Ā The Enterprise Innovation Awards program seeks to identify companies that are innovators in their use of technology, plus also the companies that demonstrate their ability to help other companies succeed through their innovative products and / or services. The Awards will assess companies that are both users and providers of technology for their ability to innovate and deliver outcomes that consist of business results as well as game-changing capabilities.Ā I am serving as the member of the judging committee (healthcare) and I am eager to see the nominees submission šŸ™‚

The second event would be the IOT Show 2015, scheduled on the 22 – 23 September 2015 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre.Ā The IOT Show will address the new business possibilities from the internet of things and contextual technology.Ā It will explore new business models, facilitate new collaborations and partnerships and generate new ideas and thinking.Ā The IOT Show is about getting the prototypes out of the lab and into the market. My role at this event is to serve asĀ  roundtable leader for theĀ Smart technologies for healthcareĀ delivery roundtable discussion on the 22 September.

Having said the above, its now time for me to head down to HIMSS AsiaPac15, stay tune for more updates! šŸ™‚