Ramblings: HIMSS AsiaPac15 – Digital Healthcare Week, 6 – 10 September 2015, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Yes, it is the time of the year and no, I’m not referring to Christmas (well, not yet), rather, I am referring to the annual HIMSS Asia Pacific conference. Scheduled from 6 – 10 September 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, HIMSS AsiaPac15 will be the “last of the ‘held in Singapore’ series” before moving to Bangkok in 2016. (HIMSS has been holding their regional event in Singapore since 2012, making HIMSS AsiaPac15 the fourth consecutive event here) .

I will not be speaking at HIMSS AsiaPac15 (I decided to take a break since I spoke in 2012, 2013 and 2014), however, I will be moderating the morning session of SMART DATA & EXCHANGE, on 9 September (Wednesday). In addition, I am also serving on the Organizing Sub-Committees of both the “Smart Data and Exchange Track” and “Smart Home and Consumer Track” (there are only three tracks in total).

The highlights however, are not the above personal involvement. As the Chairperson of HL7 Singapore, I am proud to share that HL7 Singapore is working HL7 International to deliver the HL7 Fast Health Interoperable Resources (FHIR®) MASTERCLASS at HIMSS AsiaPac15, on the 10 September  2015.

Designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of implementation, the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard is attracting a great deal of attention as the next “great thing” in healthcare interoperability and is an exciting new addition to the HL7 standards platform.

FHIR combines the best features of HL7 standards with the latest web technologies to make interoperable heathcare applications dramatically simpler, easier and faster to develop. For applications based on earlier HL7 standards, FHIR offers a cost-effective evolutionary path. FHIR solutions are built from a set of modular components called “Resources”.

These resources can easily be assembled into working systems that solve real world clinical and administrative problems at a fraction of the price of existing alternatives. FHIR is suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts – mobile phone apps, cloud communications, EHR-based data sharing, server communication in large institutional healthcare providers and much more.

This Workshop will help participants understand where and how FHIR might fit into their healthcare interoperability environment and give them the tools they need to make judgements about when or if FHIR might be an appropriate solution for their healthcare IT needs.

The Masterclass will be conducted by brains behind FHIR (yes, we are referring Grahame Grieve 🙂 ) and facilitate by the CEO of HL7 Inc. – Dr. Charles Jaffe (seriously, what else can one ask for?).

Excited? If so, I’ll see you at HIMSS AsiaPac from 6 – 10 September 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 🙂


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