Do a Good Deed Today!

Dear friends and industry colleagues,

For more than a decade, BinaryHealthCare has been “Bridging the eHealth Divide”, raising awareness, demystifying myths, advocating on the importance (as well as pushing for the correct application) and transferring knowledge to the regional community as part of our social mission – “to enable sustainable innovation in patient-centered care through stakeholders empowerment to achieve context-effective adoption of Digital Health as an enabler”.

In addition to the above, BinaryHealthCare has (to our best efforts) been giving back to the community, especially in the areas of environmental sustainability as well as charities pertaining to the elderly, children and healthcare for the needy.

KarmaAs of today, we would like to involve you – the recipients of the works produced by BinaryHealthCare, to join us in giving back to the community. If you found the works (be it an article, a presentation, an event co-organised etc.) produced by BinaryHealthCare useful, Do a Good Deed Today.

There is a short list of charities and social initiatives BinaryHealthCare contributes to here, alternatively, consider helping a charity or social initiative of your personal preference.

Note: BinaryHealthCare does not profit from your good deed(s).

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