Ramblings: SmartHealth coLAB by UP Singapore

I want to share with you folks about the Smart Health coLAB organised by padang&co. The SmartHealth coLAB is essentially a series of short workshops (on relevant topics) followed by a full day of Hackaton, the official description (copied from their web portal) describes it as;

In a Smart Nation, we drive the management of healthy lifestyles and its integration with the healthcare system through the smart use of data and new technologies, both hardware and software.

Utilising Internet of Things and wearables makes self-management of health easier and cheaper, and paves the way for a connected health platform for consumers, healthcare professionals and providers.

We’re creating a whole week of health-related activities from 11 to 16 May to bring the community together to ‘play’ with technology and data, create new use cases and demonstrate how the role of “Smart Health” addresses changes in demographics and lifestyles, particularly in areas of rising concern such as obesity and chronic diseases, care for our seniors, etc.

If you noticed, the official blurb uses health and healthcare interchangeably, that is one of the sub-topic that I am aim to address (and correct) as an invited speaker for the workshop scheduled on the 14 May 2015, Thursday. My topic (Titled “Health Systems & Apps Design“) aims to raise the knowledge level on Health and Healthcare, interoperability and persona based UX design. I will also be serving as a Mentor for the Hackaton scheduled on the 16 May 2015 (Saturday), we will see how that one goes.

If you are interested in the series of workshops and the hackaton under Smart Health coLAB, check the out at their official web portal.

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