Ramblings: InnoFest Unbound 2015

Thanks to StartupSpaze (I serve as a mentor there) I had the privilege of attending InnovFest Unbound 2015 held at Suntec Convention and Expo Centre, Singapore from 28 – 29 April 2015.

Presented by NUS Enterprise and AcreWhite, InnovFest unBound Singapore 2015 is a 2 day festival showcasing Asian innovation to a global audience.  InnovFest unBound will bring delegations of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors & senior decision makers from the world’s leading innovation ecosystems to Singapore to encounter the latest Asian technology companies.

InnovFest unBound is a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies, senior decision makers and leading researchers to meet in a unique environment to forge new relationships, share knowledge and create business opportunities.

In addition to the main conference (which I heard was pretty good), there were several “break away” events like themed sessions, workshops and even a hackaton, covering different industries and interest. Due to a busy schedule (it was an interesting day), I could only make time for the specific program that made me interested in attending InnovFest to begin with – Modern Aging. The official pitch for this session (web the website) is;

Businesses that care for and cater to an aging demographic are experiencing a boom in growth. This includes healthcare devices and services, technology, and traditional consumer sectors. Those that help elders to stay active and maintain their quality of life as they age will see the most growth.

In Asia, there are tremendous opportunities in the area of assisted living, long term care, and independent living. Globally, by 2020, the spending power of those 60 years and older will be $15 trillion USD. In order to fully harness the power of this sector, companies will need new approaches: new education models, new business models, and a fresh perspective.

So did the session fulfill the promises mentioned in the pitch? ABSOLUTELY!

While the session is relativity short (there were five experts, each sharing 10-15 minutes worth of “words of wisdom”), it is easily one of the most high impact and valuable session I have attended (and I attend a lot of conferences). There were a few key takeaways (for me) from the session, changing the way I perceive aging (even though I have formal training in Public Health and at the basic level for Geriatric Care).

Till the next blog post. Cheers~

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