If you are based in Singapore or have visited Singapore recently, you would have seen the SG50 logo (The logo is everywhere. Seriously!).


So what is SG50 all about? To quote the official website: “it represents the little red dot that we’ve come to know as home. The logo celebrates the Singaporean spirit – signifying that our dreams are not limited by the physical size of our island nation.” In other words, its a celebration of how far we, as a country, has come. (In case you didn’t knew, I am a native Singaporean).

When it was first launched, I firmly refuse to put up the SG50 logo. While I do love my country, I found the SG50 campaign to be “overdone” with every initiative in Singapore, be it the government, any government related, any-and-every events, brands etc., partaking in the initiative. To quote another source, its as if “everyone is doing SG50 for the sake of SG50”.

However, with the recent passing of our founding father – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, I have decided to display the SG50 logo and the reason is very simple – without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, chances are, there would not be a Singapore today for us to celebrate SG50. This is my way of saying “Thank You Mr. Lee Kuan Yew”.


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