5th mhealth and Wearble Technology 2015 Summit

BinaryHealthCare is Supporting Organisation for the 5th mHealth & Wearable Technology 2015 Summit, a two-day event taking place from the 16-17 April 2015 at Holiday Inn Singapore atrium, Singapore.

The summit aims to bring together some of the leaders in mHealth innovation, in order to engage international stakeholders to share their experiences and to give an overview on how mobile technologies are changing healthcare delivery worldwide. The summit is addressed to health professionals from all backgrounds, pharmaceuticals, regulators, technology providers and developers, and medical associations.

Of course, it should be obvious by now that the theme of mHealth & Wearable Technology is repeated again – that my friend is the trend (or should I say, hype, since most people just chat the buzzword without understanding what it really entails…).

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