Updates on the 3rd HL7 Asia Symposium 2015

HL7 Asia was conceptualise about 3 years ago with the Inaugural Symposium held in Japan (July 2013) and the 2nd Symposium held in Singapore (Mar 2014). The 3rd HL7 Asia Symposium took place just last week (Mar 2015) in Korea and I must admit, the folks at HL7 Korea took it up another notch, “absolutely fantastic” would be an understatement.

One of the items that we managed to finalize this time round is the official HL7 Asia Constitution (which took us 3 years to reach consensus – well, there are a lot of stakeholders) as well as the election of the HL7 Asia Executive Committee. Unlike the International Council where all Affiliate Chairs are automatically elected, the HL7 Asia Executive Council has a total of 7 seats of which, a minimum of 4 seats needs to be filled for any decision to be made. As of today, there are 9 HL7 affiliates covered in the Asia region (and we foresee more affiliates in this region), in order words, not every affiliate will get representation on the Executive Council (although their voice will still be heard in the General Assembly).

The first HL7 Asia Executive Council elected during the 3rd HL7 Asia Symposium consists of 5 seats, I’m not going to name the individuals as there will be an official announcement (not going to jump the gun here) but they are from HL7 Japan, HL7 Korea, HL7 China, HL7 Taiwan and of course, HL7 Singapore – which is me, so I guess I can call myself a Founding ExCo Member of HL7 Asia 🙂

Now back to the symposium, the theme for the 3rd HL7 Asia symposium is “Mobile Health and Beyond” and one can observe from the agenda, that there are a lot of interest in medical tourism (some titles are in Korean), in fact, one of the potential project discussed is the development of semantic interoperable medical records for medical tourists from member countries. Drop me an email if you want to partake in this project.

The next ‘big’ topic (which is still related to mobile health) is on FHIR, one can guess its importance in this region when you have speakers from different countries talking about the upcoming standard in different perspective.

For the interested, the 4th HL7 Asia Symposium will take place in Taiwan next year so stay tune for updates!

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