6th Healthcare Innovation Summit Asia

For the interested, BinaryHealthCare is Supporting Organisation for the 6th Healthcare Innovation Summit Asiataking place from the 12 – 13 March 2015 at Marriott Hotel, Singapore.

A regional conference that examines the value of technology in improving healthcare provision and the efficiencies it brings to healthcare systems, the 2015 summit focus on Mobility and Wearable technology, providing insights on the trends and prospects in the region as well as case studies on Creating Sustainability and Essential Clinical Management Solutions.

For those who noticed, the dates for this summit coincides with the 3rd HL7 Asia Symposium that is taking place in Seoul, Korea and the theme for the symposium is “Mobile Health and Beyond” (do you see the trend?).

As the Chair of HL7 Singapore, I would be giving the 6th Healthcare Innovation Summit Asia a miss (which is unfortunate but duty calls) and be attending the 3rd HL7 Asia Symposium but if you are in Singapore and have the time to share, do consider attending the Innovation Summit (drop me a note if you didn’t receive the discount code from BinaryHealthCare).


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