Ramblings: New Logo

Well, I guess its kind of obvious by now that BinaryHealthCare 1) is updated with it’s latest logo and 2) has a slightly different landing page but here is the logo just in you missed it (its available on the “About BinaryHealthCare” page).

Logo v3

I mentioned back in November that the “new logo will better reflect our mission, vision and more importantly – values” and have since put up logo teasers showing parts of the new logo. Well here is some additional information – parts of the logo will be used on its own so don’t be surprised if you see newsletters or banners spotting “bits and pieces” of them.

Back to the main purpose of this post – to share with you folks what the new logo signifies;

  • Green is (and always has been) our corporate colour, no major surprises here
  • Changing the small b in BinaryHealthCare to a big B
    • BinaryHealthCare has come a long way and has since been well recognised as a strong, credible player in the eHealth consulting space, hence the change to signify that
    • Note: BinaryHealthCare remains as one singe word (it has always been so)
  • BNHC is BinaryHealthCare’s acronym
    • We used BHC as the acronym before but it just doesn’t differentiate us well enough
  • The tree in the logo symbolizes substantiality, not only to the environment (reflecting our CSR initiatives) but also the solutions / advisory BinaryHealthCare provides
  • The apple in the logo symbolizes
    • The “fruit of knowledge” – we offer consulting and training services, both are by-products of knowledge (real expertise and relevant experience)
    • “An apple a day keeps the physician away” – the work we do help keeps people healthy and/or recover from illness through the use of information and supporting technology
  • The number 9 in the apple
    • (This is actually one of my favourite part)
    • The number 9 has unique mathematical properties
      • E.g. The digital root of a multiple of 9 is always 9
    • This symbolize the value of our advisory / expertise provided– relevant and accurate no matter the situation / context because its based on on the real deal and not ‘gut feel”

And there you have it, the meaning of BNHC’s new logo, I hope you like it as much as we do!

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