New Article: Achieving Transformational Care

I was approached by Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management back in June to contribute an article on Innovation and Transformational Care so I took the opportunity to author an introductory piece, serving as a prelude to my upcoming book titled “Achieving Transformational Care“.

In line with the book’s objective, the article was written to clarify misconceptions, shares insights, best practices and strategies on how to optimise existing resources, redefine workflow and utilise technology to achieve quality and meaningful patient-centred care that is sustainable as opposed to ‘current common practices’ of applying stopgap measure to symptoms and touches very briefly on five simple guidelines – just to give a faint flavour on what one can expect from the actual book.

The article is available at Issue 30 | 2014 of Asia Hospital & Healthcare Management and for those who prefer an on-line version, the publisher has made a copy available here.

Disclaimer: The on-line version seems to have some alignment and formatting issue. I personally felt that it affected the overall reading experience since it caused confusion but it is an alternative if you want to read the article without getting a physical copy of the magazine.

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