Updates on ISS Seminar – How Analytics is Transforming Healthcare

The ISS Seminar – How Analytics is Transforming Healthcare took place last Friday and I would think that it went pretty well.

First, the turnout was fantastic! One would imagine that getting people to attend a seminar at the National University of Singapore (which is located in a relatively remote location, well, at least by Singapore standards.. lol) on a Friday morning to be a challenge but much to my own surprise, the auditorium was filled with people (and it is by no means a small auditorium).

Second, the topics from the other speakers were pretty interesting, this helps tremendously in retaining the audience, which is important as I was scheduled to speak last.

Third, the audience were considered to be fairly interactive (again, by Singapore standards). While I did not receive any questions from the audience during the seminar, I did received several emails over the weekend, which is great because written feedback / queries are always welcome.

Fourth, the organisers are really great folks, very engaging and knowledgeable – well, they did invite me to speak at the event! Jokes aside, I think Dr. Carol Anne Hargreaves and Dr. Leong Mun Kew deserves some credit for their participation during the seminar

Lastly, the event was executed like clockwork, every item on the agenda started and ended on time. Kudos to the operational team for that!

In all, the ISS Seminar was definitely a great event by many standards and I do look forward to working with them again in the future. (Yes, the experience is that good).

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