Ramblings: The global ebola scare

The current threat of an ebola pandemic occurring on our shores has raised several concerns. While there are discussions pertaining to the economy, health and healthcare infrastructure and the safeguards in place, the main issue concerning the general public is the lack of a vaccine or cure for the disease.

A quick search off the Internet indicates that eloba first emerged in Sudan and Zaire back in 1976 and there have been frequent cases of eloba outbreaks in the Africa region since then. However, it is the most recent outbreak that triggered a global ebola scare because the possibility of a pandemic happening in their community is very real.

This brings me back to a blog post dated 13 Mar 2013 – Ramblings: Why it is important for us to help Low And Medium Income Countries where I wrote this;

What many people do not realise is that the world is connected and we are all neighbours on the same planet. Some of us are fortunate to be born in developed countries while others had lessor luck and was born in areas with huge disadvantages.

If we do not help rectify some of the problems in other parts of this planet, it will come to affect us in one way or another. Using public health as an example, if there is a pandemic outbreak somewhere in a LAMIC and it is not contained properly (due to lack of infrastructure or knowledge/capabilities to do so), it will affect us globally because we are so connected (remember SARS?).

This is why I keep advocating for Public Health – if done properly, will reduce healthcare demands, be it a pandemic or lifestyle diseases. Now I am not saying healthcare is not important (because it is). However, if you want a career related to health and healthcare because you want to contribute to society / mankind; do consider Public Health as the ROI in this aspect is higher (my opinion).

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